It's all about YOU. Digital marketing builds your online presence.

Referrals and word of mouth are 2 of the best ways to gain new clients, and when you're just starting your business it may be your only way - let us help you grow with an online marketing strategy too!  

The common factor in getting customers to recommend any business is not just the quality of work, it's also the 'who and what' behind the company name. 

Remember that you're building your brand every day, in everything you do and everything you say.  In daily life, we have the opportunity to meet new people, make eye contact, speak with authenticity, show our 'true colors'.  

When you're a business owner, those impressions are going to reflect on your business. Make sure it's an image that reflects positively both in person and online.

We've all heard "People do business with people they know, like and trust."  In small businesses, this is the only way to sustain.  

When it comes to your online presence skips right past the initial "nice to meet you" and your handshake is made through your website, social media, email messages. The  images, words, and inflections used all have to remain as authentic as when you are in person - relatable and trustworthy. 

Branding portrays who you are, not just what you do.  Your brand is not your logo or your tagline, your brand is you.  

Both in business and in real life, we simply cannot please all of the people all of the time.  Likewise, we cannot market to all people. There are clients we attract and clients we don't.  There are even clients we don't want to attract :) Digital marketing done right will take that into account and target the right audience for you thereby eliminating wasted hours or even advertising dollars spent on customer acquisition.  

There will be those who love who we are and the way we do business and then those who will choose our competition.  Staying true to who you are is key in life and in business and will always attract the right people. 

We can help you not only find your followers, but also lead them right to you, through effective marketing and an authentic online presence... ultimately  your BRAND will attract your best clients.

Let us help your business grow by highlighting the person who keeps it running.  


So what is the best online marketing strategy? 

Give your clients a reason to like you, trust you, do business with you, 

Find yourself.

Stand out. 

Show them the real You. 

Does your online presence reflect consistency in your brand?

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Web Design

Blogs/Emails/Copy Writing

Blogs/Emails/Copy Writing

Your website is sometimes the first impression of your business and your brand.  It should be well written and well designed, using language your consumers will understand.  An effective website will be customized, optimized and utilized.

User friendly sites are imperative given the short amount of time a visitor will spend waiting for your site to load or trying to figure out where you've 'stashed' all your information.  Custom graphic design, engaging content, images and video should come together seamlessly to share your story. Your products and services need to appeal to your audience, not just show them facts.   Whether they are current customers or brand new prospects, your website should engage them and get them following through with a desire to learn more.   

We offer design packages as well as 'one-off' services and pricing will depend on you and your goals. 

If you're located in Naples, Marco Island or Bonita Springs, contact us for an in-person free consultation to determine the best option for your business and your budget.   

If you're out of town, give us a call, most of our small business services can be applied remotely. 

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Blogs/Emails/Copy Writing

Blogs/Emails/Copy Writing

Blogs/Emails/Copy Writing

You are a subject matter expert. 

Your years of experience have made you successful in your trade, in fact, you're what they call a subject matter expert but you still need help in other areas. 

Writing and email blasts are part of digital marketing and without it, any online marketing strategy will have holes in it. 

While you may be genius in some areas, maybe writing isn't one of your strong points, or maybe you just don't have to time to compose an email or come up with content for your next blog. 

Whether you provide the outlined material that just needs some editing and organization or you need help with content curation, we can help.  It's all within the scope of the small business services that we provide.  

Email Marketing Strategy

An email campaign can get you in front of a lot of eyes and help reach people outside of your sphere of influence.   First, your readers have to open the mail.

Marketing through email requires creative subject lines and real value in the content, a call to action and a reason to visit your site or call your store.

We can help. 

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Go Social!

Blogs/Emails/Copy Writing

Go Social!

Are you spending hours of valuable time creating content to post on your social platforms when you could be (or would rather be) spending it on other things?  

Are you paralyzed at the mere thought of starting and maintaining a social business page and profile?  

We can help keep your social media streamlined and current to allow you to focus on running your business.  

There are so many social platforms available that choosing the right ones and maintaining them optimally can cost you hours of time and ultimately lost revenue.  Our digital marketing services include social media maintenance packages on a monthly basis. 

Social media can amplify your Brand's voice - it allows people to 'see' a personality and not just a Bio.  Building trust will convert more customers and being transparent is the way to do that - social media is a strategic avenue that leads the right people to your door. 

Let us help you determine which one(s) your audience uses, find your followers and lead them to you through targeted attraction marketing and brand consistency techniques. 

You're in good hands...