Frequently Asked Questions

What value can you provide my small business?

For over 20 years I have used, created and/or worked within small business operations providing value and expertise.  Some areas of experience include:

  • business and accounting related computer programs and apps
  • graphic design
  • website design and maintenance
  • content curation and copy writing
  • email marketing 
  • print marketing 
  • creative customer acquisition 
  • effective customer retention 
  • business systems and resources both customized and third party applications
  • revenue and lead generation
  • POS set-up and maintenance

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As a freelancer, I am able to help others while maintaining a portion of my schedule available to devote to personal and family time. 

How much do you charge?

Freelancers like myself struggle with a solid answer to this question daily.  Our time is valuable and we offer value to our clients. 

Overall, it depends on what you're looking to accomplish in your small business. There are so many  pieces to the puzzle of each business that it is impossible to answer the question of cost with an across-the-board flat fee. 

It compares to asking a restaurant owner "How much does it cost to eat dinner there?"  Well, that would depend on what you're going to order and what size portions.

Established Hands offers a menu of sorts as well, including a-la-carte items so there are several options and levels of services, each customizable to be the right fit for you.  Website design takes longer than social media marketing.  SEO takes longer than composing an email.  The skills needed for each also differ in difficulty.  

Bottom line, having help to streamline your processes, decrease your stress, save you money and build your business and Brand delivers an ROI of an increase in revenue, customer acquisition and retention, your tasks redirected to being the Owner and not the admin, the energy to focus on your customers and control over your valuable time.  

Those who see the value in their own time are more apt to see the value in someone else's.  Time is money and there is always a cost to saving both.  

We aim to fit the budgets of all requests however, we prefer to meet the need and sometimes the need doesn't fit the budget.  Flexible pricing and piecing out a marketing strategy allows us to work with clients delivering a customized plan while still meeting their immediate needs.  

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How Much Does It Cost to Build/Design a Website?

How Much Does It Cost to Build/Design a Website?

How Much Does It Cost to Build/Design a Website?

Another question that is impossible to give an off the cuff answer. 

There are no websites that are duplicatable, you can't make a template and just cut and paste, no client ever wants the exact same thing as another, every contract includes varying requests and every clients requests require a varying number of hours needed to complete the job. 

Anyone who can answer that question without considering your individual needs is likely not going to invest the same amount of time and effort into your site as someone who takes the time to discuss your options.  

You certainly can build your own website inexpensively and if your tech minded, you may want to do just that.  If you need help with the SEO or maintenance or any other level of marketing, reach out anytime!  (See a list of services)

If you're not tech-y at all, it might save you some time and a headache or two to hire a professional.  It would be a money investment but it would save you time which may be of more value in the long run.   I've seen many who either build their own site or hire the least expensive designer - most of them look for help not too long after that.  

There are many aspects of website building, design and maintenance.  It will require an investment on your part to get the best value and result.  

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What is SEO and why do I need it?

How Much Does It Cost to Build/Design a Website?

How Much Does It Cost to Build/Design a Website?

There is no reason to have a website if Google doesn't know it's there and SEO is what tells Google you exist. Website design should always include some level of search engine optimization otherwise, where is the value? 

Search Engine Optimization by default definition optimizes the odds of you being found by people who are searching for you. 

It isn't easy and it isn't fast, but it is effective for your business and your sales when it's done consistently and done right. 

There is no inexpensive way to reach the first page of Google.  You're going to have to pay for an effective strategy and you're going to have to be patient while it takes effect.  

SEO makes the difference for any small business.  The giants in your industry spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on paid ads.  It always pays to start with organic methods (no paid ads) which saves up front costs and allows time to determine the best way to direct advertising dollars, but either way, it takes time, which costs money.  So if you want to come near the first ranks on Google, be prepared to invest in that value.  

The question I always ask is - Do you want to be present on the web or do you want to have an online presence

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Why does it take so long to launch a website?

How Much Does It Cost to Build/Design a Website?

Why does it take so long to launch a website?

Websites take time to build, design, fill content, images, text, readability, SEO, review, edits, finalizing, testing.... if you aren't very tech minded, it's likely much more than you are aware of or could  imagine.  Small business owners are able to see the intricacy of operations. 

Most freelancers are working on more than one project at a time.  Those projects add up to 'a full work week' for us.  We add value to every project, we have more than one client, we offer more than one service, we serve more than one function. 

If your website design is being done right, it won't be done overnight. 

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